Yesterday I had a demonstration and took a personality test at the ...

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Nov 22, 2017 12:29
Yesterday I had a demonstration and took a personality test at the cram school I applied for. I showed my lesson about classic Japanese grammar to a senior teacher from the personnel department. He recorded it on a tablet camera. I don't think it was my worst demonstration, but as I admitted to him, during the demonstration I was nervous. My handwriting on the white board was not as neat as usual. He asked me if I could handle students who wouldn't listen to me. That was technically a difficult question. If students judge my lesson are not worthy of listening to, then they don't have to sit in the classroom. That isn't compulsory education, so they can choose any good service as consumers. However, in most cases, their parents expect teachers to motivate them. That's why they pay for extra lessons at a cram school and bring them there. I answered in short, "I will make them listen to me". I am not sure how I should say this in English, maybe or "They should listen to me". He checked my CV again and said I had worked at various schools including some schools known as "difficult". It means that I am capable of dealing with difficulty in the classroom.
After this unexpected interview, I took a Kraepelin test. It was invented by a Japanese researcher based on the theory of Kraepelin. The test taker gets a test paper which has numerous numbers in some rows. The test taker adds two numbers and writes the one as fast as possible in a fixed time. There are some trials. You can analyse the distinctive quality of the test taker from the result, for instance, if the person is easily distracted. I am slow in addition, so it made me exhausted. I was grateful that the cram school set it after my demonstration. If I had shown my demonstration after that, my performance wouldn't have been so good.
After I left there, precisely when I returned to my car, I noticed I was very hungry. I reheated curry for dinner, but at 22 I was hungry again. I found bread and snack in the kitchen. I was so tired that I couldn't sleep well last night and had a nightmare. I expected my reaction like this. I dislike arithmetic and one of the purposes of the test is to figure out how the test taker deals with stress. I am aware that I am not able to stand much stress. I will get the result of the employment test in ten days.