My therapist repeated her lecture that she has had to give me over ...

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Mar 13, 2019 01:46
My therapist repeated her lecture that she has had to give me over and over, when I start suffering from PTSD. Now I understand well how that mechanism works, but still now, I need her to remind me of that.
When I am under stress, I tend to feel responsible for everything torturing me. I confessed her that I had once even thought of deleting my German friends who the stalker clinging to to avoid more troubles. However, the thoughts helped me; "Why should I give up my friendships? Reading their posts is always a big joy and I want to help them. I don't want to lose my good friends because of a stalker!"
She also reminded me of what my brother said to me some years ago. He said: "Whatever you'll do, I'll support you with the best of my help. Do what you want to. I am proud of you, Maki, having you as my sister. Don't care no matter how the world sees you."
She repeated the last line fro me. I must respect myself.

Well then... I decided not to change anything on my profile. If I use a dog's photo for the fear ob being a victim of a stalker in the future, it must be a very silly thing. I want to stay to deserve my brother's words.
「どうしてこの人達とのつながりを断ち切らないといけないの? この人達の投稿を読むのが本当に楽しみで、私は、一生懸命、いい添削をしようと頑張っている。ストーカーなんかのために、友達をなくすなんて嫌だ!」


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