Yesterday was a summer festival, so I made sushi.

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Jul 17, 2017 23:00
Yesterday was a summer festival, so I made sushi. When I told that to my friend, that amused him and I believe he wanted to say some tongue twister like "Maki made maki and ate maki.". He was lucky that we were talking on Skype, not being together, and I was not so young or sensitive. If someone said that kind of joke to me, a teenager, I would want to kick him.
There are some kinds of sushi, maki (makizushi), nigirizushi, chirashizushi. I made the last one. Making sushi (not joking!) is our family tradition on a Festival day. Sushi is not a fast food for us. My sister-in-law sometimes held makizushi parties for her picky children. I find it a good idea. Making makizushi is easy and fun. All you have to do beforehand is to prepare the ingredients and hand towels.
Ingredients for makizushi
Rice: pour a bit vinegar to hot rice, then let it cool. I prefer to add sesame.
Nori: is very expensive and hard to get in Europe, if you don't have nori, use some substitute to roll rice.
Ingredients: egg, raw fish, salmon, ham, sausage, cucumber, perilla, cheese, pickles, natto, asparagus, and anything you like.
Soy sauce and wasabi.
You can take a piece of nori on your dish, then spread rice on it, add your favourite food and roll ( note; not too many- if so, you can not roll well! )
Makizushi party is good for small kids, picky eaters, vegetarians, and cleaner than barbecue.