Someone told me a story about a dog and a boy after the earthquake ...

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Jun 25, 2018 00:22
Someone told me a story about a dog and a boy after the earthquake hit. She said that she found that in a Japanese textbook for primary school. The English title is "I'll Always Love You! and the original version in German is "Ich hab dich so lieb".
The protagonist is a little boy. He had a dog called Elfie. They grew up together, but time flied faster on her. One morning he found that she had died during the night. His siblings cried a lot. They loved her very much, but the only one trouble was they never told her so. The boy was also very sad, but it helped him to remember that he would tell Elfie every night before sleeping, "I'll always love you.". He knew that Elfie understood him.
I know why that person shared this story. You might lose someone you love, suddenly in an unexpected way. That earthquake reminded us of that again. It might happen to everyone. So, if you wouldn't like to regret, you should tell your love to those who you love, before you lose them. And this small story tells us that it's important to tell so every day, not only in a special timing but also whenever you feel your love.
When I was younger, I was just afraid of losing those who I loved, and hoped they wouldn't leave me. From the earthquake in 2011, I learnt important lessons, and since then, I have been trying not to hesitate when I have to tell so to those who I like. We can't be forever together. The separation is inevitable, so you should tell them so.
ある人が、地震の後、私に犬と男の子のお話を聞かせてくれました。小学校の国語の教科書に載っていたお話だそうです。英語のタイトルは「I'll always love you」、ドイツ語の原題は「Ich hab dich so lieb」です。
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