On Monday, during my lunch break, I noticed a chip on my teeth and ...

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Jun 13, 2018 21:28
On Monday, during my lunch break, I noticed a chip on my teeth and it made me miserable. It has been five months since I moved to this town, but I hadn't yet started to find a dentist. I asked my boss and he immediately recommended a dentist near the station. That means also the dentist is near my flat. According to the information on the website, I could walk there from school in fifteen minutes.
Today, after work, I visited the dentist. It was only when I lied on the seat in the examination room that I remembered I was scared of dentists. I usually need tranquilizer before an injection and also anesthetic at a dentist. Stupidly I forgot it. The dentist was not young and spoke with a gentle voice. Even though he announced that he was going to kill my dental nerve, I refrained from asking back what he really meant. Actually I didn't want to hear about the detail, if I had, I would have fainted. I was struggling not to fail in a panic. As the shrill noise rose up, I tried to distract myself saying in my head German indefinite articles and definite articles and then Japanese homonyms, but still I had to undergo the treatment. It lasted long, not only from my subjectivity, but also in practice. I played one of my favourite tunes "A Tango for my lost wisdom tooth", but that choice wasn't good. The dentist noticed my heavy breathing and stopped his work. I said to him I was okay and tried another song.
That treatment was the biggest one I've ever gotten. I was almost about to freak out, but I didn't. I'm already an adult, so I shouldn't cry on the dentist's seat. I took an appointment on Saturday in the next week.