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About me

Are you interested in Japan?

My name is Jiro Tanaka (田中二郎)

I live in Osaka, Japan.

I’m a Japanese person.

My heart & soul are as pure as a rain drop on a tiny leaf in a dewy morning.

I’d like to exchange opinions with you about Japan and other countries all over the world.

If you have any questions about Japan, I would like to answer them for you.

And please tell us about your country’s situations and we’d like to help you to consider how to solve them.

And give me your opinions about life, family, human’s relations, world issues and anything & everything as freely as possible.

If you’re studying Japanese, let us co-operate and exchange studying & opinions each other.

I’ll correct your written Japanese and you will correct my written English.

I’d really like to hear your opinions about understandings and misunderstandings on our cultures, wealth, women’s rights, races, and trust & love as much as possible and let’s make an effort to find ways to turn this world into a little bit better and peaceful place.

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Testimonials from My Friends

I strongly agree what allen san posted in his testi for Jiro san. Jiro san can/will provide you what you wanna learn. He can correct your English at the same give you the translation in Japanese. だから、Thank You So much Jiro san for watching out my post. :) おげんきで。
Are you learning Japanese and English like me? Mr. JIRO will be your best teacher and company . When I started to write my diary here in Japanese,Mr. JIRO usually provide me a lot of good advise in Japanese expression ,from his correct in my diary ,I can feel his conscientious . So I want introduce Mr.JIRO to other people who is learning Japanese and English.