Economy newspaper (part 1)

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Apr 17, 2012 04:28 日本語 translation help japanese economy 経済
I translated these lines from english to japanese, please correct my translation!

The effect of the loss of top-dog status on the well-being of the average American is unlikely to be trivial.

Britain felt similar angst at the beginning of the 20th century, noting the rise of Germany, a military rival.

It seemed stuck with old industries, such as textiles and iron, whereas Germany had advanced into fields such as electrics and chemicals.

That Britain was still well off in absolute terms was scant consolation.
英国が絶対的に裕福でもあったことはわずかな慰めであった 。

The national mood contrasted starkly with the triumphalism of the mid-19th century, says Nicholas Crafts of Warwick University.

A wave of protectionist sentiment challenged the free-trade consensus that had prevailed since 1846.

It was seen off, but not before it had split the Tory party, which lost the 1906 election to the Liberals.
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