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Jun 4, 2012 01:04
I just can't stop thinking of you.
I tried so hard to love somebody else.
Why am I in this situation?
But I didn't make it happen.
I tried again and again and I'm still remain the same place.
Should I move on or should I give up?
I want to visit you for just one time and I know it will be weird。
We are not prepared to see each other right?
And we'll never be.
It reminds me of my two cousins and their fathers.
How different they were and how my father was.
Lucy girls needn't to know what is the right thing to do because they have a good father and a whole family will be their back up.
I envy them but I also take my life as a gift.
I don't know, maybe I'll be lonely forever.
But I want to make each day count.Just like what Jack said to Rose.