Are Americans fond of eating something salty at breakfast?

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May 30, 2011 12:09 food&culture
As I read an essay written by an Italian guy living in Japan, in which, I ran across a certain interesting line. He married to a Japanese woman. Generally though, Italian guys are a kind of macho-oriented enough not to do any housework. (^^) (Well, that’s what he admitted himself.) (^^) So then, he’s had his wife prepare meals day by day though.. He complained how salty all of Japanese breakfasts are.

He grumbled and explained of Italian people don’t ever take anything salty at their breakfast. A tiny cup of espresso and a few brioches. That’s all. Umm… for sure, by contrast, a toasted salted salmon, a fried egg, miso soup (quite salty soup for breakfast)…. Well, now that he mentioned it, Japanese like to have something salty at breakfast, actually.

Now, how about the US? From my previous experience, I imagine American are not keen on eating something salty at breakfast, though… Donuts, muffin, cereal dipped into milk… Umm, would it be the distinguishing characteristics of Asians to eat something salty at breakfast? I remembered there were only two choices (donuts or muffin) on the table when I came into the lounge at the American hotel I stayed before. (They advertised about breakfast included!) (^^)