a new part-time job.

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Apr 29, 2014 19:43
a new part-time job.
A new semester started in my university, and I have tried to search a new part-time job since I quitted my previous job about three month ago. And at least, I could find a job offer of my ideal condition!!
As soon as I found the job offer, I had an interview with the store's boss. After a week, I received a notification of employment of the store. The company of the shop has chain stores all parts of the world, and deals with ice creams mainly.
The reason why I applied for the store is that I wanted to try to work at a hospitality business, firstly. Although I have ever experienced some jobs (a cram school teacher, events staffs, a cook in family restaurant), I have never attended to serve customers. Because I will not have a chance to do part-time jobs after going out into the business world, I want to have good experiences for me and try to know various type of industries. Throughout a university student, continuing to work at only one work is certainly great. But I feel it’s a waste of time a little, I think that young people should gain wide experience through some jobs.
Secondly, I felt that it's easy to work there. That's because goods which the store deals with are only ice creams. So I thought it's very easy. Although it was the fourth times that I have gone to work yesterday, however, it’s busier and harder than I thought. For example, I cannot scoop ice creams well as a sphere and remember orders with a face of clients immediately, etc.
It’s also different from other jobs I have ever experienced because there are many female staffs. But they are very kind of me, so I have to be accustomed to this job so as not to bother other staffs as soon as possible. I think that one of the most important point in order to work is surely just relationships with other staffs. It was not blessed in that regard very much until now.My feeling is that a part-time job is a waste of time in terms of study, but I think society's study, I want to continue working there to not be a hindrance to study!!

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