Oh my god!

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Mar 19, 2014 20:23
Oh my god!

I will be in the third year in my university. So, my grade during fourth semester was announced.

My major is Civil Engineering. Do you know Civil Engineering? It's like the architecture! it's a study to analysis movements of the river or the soil,and to construct public constructions, for example, bridge and dam and roads and so on.
Therefore, there is many kind of dynamics subjects that I have learned for this semester. For example, Hydraulic,Geo technology,Concrete Technology,Structural Mechanics and so on.

By the way, my grade was too bad!!
The number of taking credits in this semester is twenty-seven. But I flunk ten credits (4 courses). The majority is dynamics subjects.These subjects is very difficult although it's interesting. Oh my god! How many this is!!
I have to repeating courses and study more and more...!!!