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Mar 14, 2014 22:16
Do you know Rarejob? It's a service to study English on web.
The service use Skype in a class,and we talk with a Philippine student whom we chose.

To use Rarejob, we have to pay about 6,000 yen or 10,000 yen a month.
It's much more inexpensive than going to English school!!
If we pay 6,000 yen,we can talk with a Philippine twenty-five minutes everyday.
And if we pay 10,000 yen, we can talk with them fifty minutes as well.

But I can be permitted to use it only three times as a free trial by the service.
So I tried it.

Today,I connected on Skype and talked with a Food Technology student.
After greeting,I was indicated by her that read an article about Red Wine Consumer, and I was questioned about the article.
I don't care hers pronunciation,but I wanna talk with her more longer.
For me, twenty-five minutes is too short! However, fifty minutes course is little expensive for me.

If I can,I wanna make friends speak English and talk with him/her on Skype.
That's definitely more fun and still better.

If there are people whom wanna speak in Japanese for study,would you like to talk with me in English and Japanese on Skype??