For English speakers, Is "Busy" an ambiguous word?

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Mar 15, 2014 00:19 job working
About two or three years ago, I was working in a software company in charge customer service. Someday, my colleagues who resonsible for oversea customers service handed her resignation, but nobody took her job.
After two days, my boss seems easy to talk to me:"I hope you can responsible for the oversea cutomers."
Then I was really shocked and said:"Well...but, my English is poor!"
He just said:"It's nothing, you are college graduates. Come on, you need more cofidence."

After that I took this job, my English is maybe worth than today. Fortunately, my manage always helps me to carried out.
One day, our product have a big problem suddenly, obviously it brings our customers in big trouble. Time turned to 7:00pm, I was still hurry to answer the complain from our customers. A man said a lots of bad words about our product, that tweet had been retweet about 40 times.
I really don't know how to deal this problem, all my colleagues in our company had been working overtime about two days, but it still there! I kept saying:" sorry, we are busy to fix this bug...we are very busy today." Oh it just like I detonated a bomb, the man start taunting:" aha, yes, you guys are busy, and very busy, so we are still in trouble..."
I found maybe I said something wrong, finally my manage mentioned me, after he knew the whole things, he said seriously:“ foreigners hate someone say 'busy', did you know you had made a huge mistake?"

Actually, I really don't know why I can't say ‘busy’ on business until now. It is means although I'm very busy, but I could't say 'busy' to other peoples? Or the word make peoples feel they are be fooled? So, how could I let someone knows that I'm really busy in the workplace?


我实在不知道怎样回复,因为整个公司的人为了这件事已经加班了两天,依然没有解决。我只好反复说:“sorry, we are busy to fix this bug... we are very busy today.”
这句话好像点着了一个炸药桶,那个男人开始冷嘲热讽的说:" aha, yes, you guys are busy, and very busy, so we are still in trouble....”