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I learn English many times and i give up many times.\
Here is my new beginning.
I like watching movies,listening to music and travel the world.
If i have a chance,I would work in the other country.
Just want to have more experience.
Ennnnnn,I look up the word.

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3.21 If you have any Chinese learning problem need for help,you could send a message or an E_mail for me. With native lang

My compatriots are too much. Every time,when i open the Lang-8 in the Chrome,the Chinese learning problem had been answered many times....
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  • English 
Mar 21, 2014 02:21

3.20 America Travel With native lang

I'm work in Chinese,but my girlfriend has been studying abroad in the USA. She is a beautiful and smart girl(Actually,she is twenty-...
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  • English 
Mar 21, 2014 01:40 diary

3.11 With native lang

Oh my... Today is Mar.10. I just improving some sentences at this website but the time displayed was Mar.11. It was made me confused. ...
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  • English 
Mar 11, 2014 00:52 diary beginner
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