Smilence! (笑而不语)

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Jul 29, 2011 17:30
I always write long entries, which seems not so considerate of my friends who need to be very patient to correct them. This time, I will shorten it down. And I'm gonna introduce some popular coined English words by Chinese netizens.

First of all, let's talk about "smilence"! It is a combination of smile & silence. It means to smile silently, in Chinese--笑(smile)而不语(while not talk).
笑而不语 is often used when netizens reply to the poster to express their unwillingness to say anything.
It implys different feelings:
1. I'm clear about the topic, I have the answer, I just don't want to tell you. It can be either approval or disapproval.
2. I appreciate it with smile.
3、I don't agree, but I also don't want to disappoint you. So it's better to keep it to my own.
4、I just don't know what to say.

For more chances, smilence has sarcastic meanings, intending jokes.
Some popular sentences that contains 笑而不语:
抚摸楼主狗头,哥/姐 笑而不语。(Caressing your(the poster's) doggy head, I smile, but I'm not gonna tell you anything. 哥&姐 refer to me, myself.)

--中国真和谐。(China is "harmonious".) ---Oh! Smilence! (You know what I mean.)

Soon after 笑而不语 became popular in BBS, netizens made up “smilence”, which was spread rapidly later on.

There are other coined words:

togayther=together+gay=终成眷属 (After fighting for so long, gays finally get together with each other.)

Innernet=inner + internet=互联网 (As Chinese netizens can't access many websites abroad, like twitter, facebook, and youtube, the Chinese Internet is just like innernet.)

don’train=don’t+train=动车(dong che) (动力火车 high-speed train, which got an accident recently in Wenzhou.)

Democrazy=democracy + crazy=痴心妄想 (Illusion, something that can never come true. It's so crazy to have democracy in China. It's merely an illusion.)

Freedamn=freedom + damn=自由 (As China is so "harmonious", damn the "freedom".)

carass=caress+ass 轻拂 菊花 (菊花chrysanthemum is a gay word for ……. You know~ They look alike. Smilence, just imagine.)
BTW, can you guess what 轻拂菊花,笑而不语 mean? It's also popular, but……(low & dirty).

Ok, stop for now. I tried to shorten it down, but still typed way too much.
I'll continue in my next entry.

Thank you for reading! O(∩_∩)O~