The first thing we have changed is the way we used to buy.

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May 30, 2018 03:10
The first thing we have changed is the way we used to buy. Ten years ago it was so strange to buy meat or vegetables by the Internet. But now if you realized that your fridge is empty and you are tired, you will only need to sit down in front of a computer, visit the supermarket’s web site and select what you need. In a few hours you will have the purchase at home.

The second think it has changed is how we learn. In the past we used to go to school and to do courses in person. Now you can do an engineering course, for example, while you’re sitting on your sofa.

Due to the Internet we can transmit whatever we want whenever we need and wherever we are. Although search engine helps us to find what we want.

And what about work? Today thanks to the technology we can become a teleworker. But there are negative aspects. For example the privacy. You must be careful when you share a photo or a video because it can arrives to bad people. And of course I recommend not to publish children’s photos.

And finally new technologies can be addictive. We must control young people and children in order to prevent them to visit forbidden websites or suffering from cyberbullying