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Jun 2, 2018 04:48 student113 made 3 corrections for Email
May 31, 2018 12:29 rin made 4 corrections for Email
Sounds fine!
Mar 20, 2015 10:54 coolgirl43 commented on English
Thank you for this! Now I also take japanese class kids skype for my children at
Sep 13, 2013 10:08 student113 made 4 corrections for Boy or Girl
Yeah, I've thought about having a boy. I'd name him Emmanuel.
Sep 13, 2013 10:00 ニッキー (Nicki) commented on Boy or Girl
I want a boy! Because when he is older, he can help me do things that are difficult for me. Like my brother is good at construction, so h...
Sep 13, 2013 09:25 TheChris made 9 corrections for Boy or Girl
There is one problem I couldn't correct. Your journal starts out like your writing about something hypothetical, but then the last se...
Aug 18, 2013 11:20 Pat123 made 11 corrections for Difference
I think you are reflecting on your experience at your location. Many US elevators work like those in Japan, most vending machines in my t...
Aug 18, 2013 11:06 golden4869 made 3 corrections for Difference
実は、そっちのアメリカと僕の住んでるアメリカと、全然違うみたいな感じがある。。。笑 僕の車の扉にそのLittleBarがあるけど Ah, but, I'm not actually too far from DC
Aug 18, 2013 08:54 翔太 commented on Difference
Where did you stay? The america you describe is so different from where I live. The only elevators that work quickly in america are the o...
Aug 18, 2013 07:12 icepatton made 16 corrections for Difference
Aug 10, 2013 01:12 made 11 corrections for Lightning
I've never seen anything like that before, so no clue what it is. I tend to prefer darker lighting myself, don't know why though...
Aug 10, 2013 01:01 golden4869 made 5 corrections for Lightning
I'm not positive but it looks like that's a sprinkler in case of a fire.
Aug 6, 2013 10:18 JacobB made 11 corrections for Tongue Twister
To me, native Japanese people tend to speak pretty quickly. I can usually pick out a few words, but for the most, it's just a jumbled...
Aug 4, 2013 07:07 student113 made 6 corrections for Two Errors, Part 2.
That's great! Yeah, sometimes you do luck out that way when it comes to things mailed to the wrong address :)
Aug 3, 2013 04:03 teamjenny made 8 corrections for Personality
Aug 1, 2013 20:08 golden4869 commented on Two Errors
大変ですね。 I've gone through similar things with American companies.めんどくさいな でも、がんばって 笑
Jul 29, 2013 12:52 Amy commented on Two Errors
いいかげん - irresponsible / careless かな? I'm sorry that happened to you... It sucks when people make more work for you. But... thank ...
Jul 29, 2013 12:28 teamjenny made 4 corrections for Two Errors
Jul 29, 2013 09:51 mijokijo made 1 corrections for Two Errors
Ah, you're in Boston, right? I hope you have a nice time (well, after dealing with the government -_-). You'll find that the gove...
Jul 29, 2013 08:38 翔太 commented on Two Errors
Americans don't like to check their work, they often hope you'll ignore it, even if ignoring it could lead to problems. This is o...
Jul 29, 2013 08:27 student113 made 13 corrections for Two Errors
Yeah, our bureaucrats can be pretty slapdash when it comes to these things. I imagine it's a whole lot better in Japan. I hope everyt...
Mar 27, 2013 19:12 Narumi commented on Email to secretary
How do you do? I hope this community will help you. :)
Mar 26, 2013 15:10 made 1 corrections for Email to secretary
Feb 26, 2013 16:33 tony made 2 corrections for Application
If this note is included in the same envelope with the forms, "I sent" is a bit off, since the sending of the forms occurs at t...
Jan 4, 2012 10:12 freshbread3 commented on Environment
In education we have a debate on Nature vs Nurture all the time, but I believe that both influence our students ... And so as teachers we...
Jan 4, 2012 07:10 Pat123 commented on Environment
So, did it work out?
Jan 3, 2012 14:27 made 6 corrections for Environment
Haha yes very American And I like this song, although...I've never paid attention to the lyrics before now.
Jan 3, 2012 12:27 student113 made 7 corrections for Environment
Yes, I learned the hard way that a good educational environment is very important for your future endeavors, unfortunately.
Nov 24, 2011 02:20 student113 made 3 corrections for Getting Cold
Yeah, I don't know how people can like the cold either, and I lived most of my life in Minnesota. Well, I do enjoy some of those n...
Nov 23, 2011 23:23 markbellis made 5 corrections for Getting Cold
Skiing is fun, also lots of things to do outdoors. Just have to wear warm clothes!
Jul 20, 2011 04:58 cuavsfan made 4 corrections for Opposite
It must have been interesting watching the game in a restaurant surrounded by mostly Americans. Did anybody tell you "congratulatio...
Jul 19, 2011 18:09 freshbread3 commented on Opposite
Florida is the same way. I always have a jacket with me during the summer for when I have to go inside somewhere (library, supermarket, b...
Jul 19, 2011 12:45 Takoyaki commented on Opposite
So close, yet so far. (I'm in north central Florida). I hope you enjoy your trip. ^-^
Jul 19, 2011 10:15 Beth commented on Opposite
I hope you are enjoying New Orleans. I have never been there but always wanted to visit. I was happy for the Japanese soccer team. It was...
Jul 19, 2011 04:52 Jonadab commented on Opposite
I'm somewhat surprised you were able to find a restaurant in the US that was showing a soccer game. That's... unusual. (Even du...
Jul 19, 2011 02:26 chedkid made 12 corrections for Opposite
I hope you enjoy New Orleans.
Jul 9, 2011 23:47 banira commented on Do You Have Anything?
Thank you for the corrections and comments. I've been just tired lately.
Jul 8, 2011 13:25 mijokijo made 3 corrections for Do You Have Anything?
Jul 8, 2011 11:58 Takoyaki commented on Do You Have Anything?
In English, I think we have some similar sayings. We would ask, "Do you have it in you?" for that special quality that makes su...
Jul 8, 2011 10:35 made 3 corrections for Do You Have Anything?
I think there are more than two types of people. Anyway, I hope you've got it.^^
Jul 8, 2011 09:02 翔太 commented on Do You Have Anything?
It's interesting that it's something, but no one knows what it is. Interestingly enough, that something correlates with this or t...
Jul 7, 2011 23:17 cuavsfan made 5 corrections for Do You Have Anything?
久しぶりです!(^_^) I hadn't heard that meaning of 持っている before. 勉強になりました! It reminds me of ついている. I knew the meaning of "to be...
Jul 7, 2011 22:04 Jonadab made 11 corrections for Do You Have Anything?
Perhaps "charisma" is the word you're looking for?
May 6, 2011 01:55 cuavsfan made 2 corrections for As Soon As Possible, 2
Looks like a good letter.
May 3, 2011 18:30 freshbread3 made 10 corrections for As Soon As Possible, 2
good luck
Apr 21, 2011 11:14 commented on One is Not Big.
I'm sorry I'm not making any corrections. Your friends already made good corrections. I'm sorry I'm reading this so late....
Apr 20, 2011 04:07 cuavsfan made 4 corrections for One is Not Big.
I like the wordplay with the titles of this entry and your previous one (^_^)
Apr 13, 2011 01:53 Joseph made 7 corrections for One is Not Big.
Obama will run in 2012 because he is the current President. Presidents have a maximum of 2 terms, and Obama is only in his first term. It...
Apr 13, 2011 01:58 Jonadab made 5 corrections for One is Not Big.
Most people either watch the debates on TV or else just hear about them from friends and family. A few people (older people, mostly) rea...
Apr 12, 2011 10:01 markbellis made 4 corrections for One is Not Big.
I would say "city council" rather than "city diet".