As Soon As Possible, 2

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May 3, 2011 12:52

Thank you very much for your kind response. I am glad that you seem OK and are well prepared to Good Samaritan hospital’s alumni event. 元気そうで、また同窓会の準備も順調そうで何よりです。

I prefer this email address. I check more often than the other one. Both are available, although. 一応両方使えるけどね。Sorry about late response and I’m really sorry that I myself don’t know their email address that you really want to know. Here is my idea: Japanese Boston company has their branches all over Japan. So they might be able to get their email address. I’m afraid that it might not be in time this coming HRS in Sanfransisco but you’ll definitely get them in the end and might use them next year. 今年は間に合わないかもしれないけど、確実にメールアドレス、get出来ると思うし、来年使えるといいし。I believe that Keiko Usui is the perfect person to manage this kind of problem, and I let her know. 彼女に連絡しました。
I hope that I will see you Boston next year. Please say my best regards to everyone. みなさんによろしくお伝えください。

Best regards,