One is Not Big.

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Apr 12, 2011 07:53
Lately we have lots of noise in my city. That’s because of the upcoming election of members for the city council.

In Japan, we have a lot of elections to vote in. For example, election for members of the city diet 市の議員, the prefecture diet, the national diet, and so on. I guess the voter participation rate is somewhere between 20% to 50%. We probably think that one vote doesn't make any difference. 一票で何かできると思っていないのかも。

I heard that the President Obama had decided to run again in the next presidential election. I know the next election is scheduled in 2012 and guess that everyone in the U.S. is exited at the process and discussions created by the candidates. In my understanding, people are willing to go to listen to and see the candidates. It’s totally different from Japanese elections.

Yesterday I posted about a commercial. It said that "if everyone does it, it will have great strength". This commercial should be used for election campaigns.