One is Big.

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Apr 10, 2011 20:50
Lately a certain kind of TV commercials is being broadcast repeatedly. In the commercials, a lot of celebrities give us the message, “If everyone does it, it will have great strength (みんなでやれば大きな力).”

What can I do now to help?
Shall we turn off the light more often?
We won’t lose our spirits to help each other.
Let’s think about what the victims in Japan need.
Don’t get lost with wrong information.
You don’t have to buy a lot now.
If everyone does it, it will have great strength.

Anyway, I like the best of those kinds of commercials.

Even though I have a cold, I posted two entries today. I’m glad with that because I believe I’m going to acquire great skills if I work hard even little by little.