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Apr 6, 2011 16:53
In Japan, Facebook isn’t so popular, but I know it has spread out all over the world and had a big influence on things like protests.

I happened to find the CEO of Facebook who I guess all my friends might know about already. Mark Zuckerberg seemed cool to me but I didn’t know why. I was wondering why I like him. One of the reasons was that I liked his face.

Today, I watched a YouTube video of him which was dubbed in Japanese. I found some comments about him. “You look like Takahashi.” Takahashi is one of my favorite comedians!! So that's why Mark Z seemed familiar to me. Indeed! 高橋が、私の好きな芸人さんで、だからMark Zが親近感が沸いて思えたんだ!納得!!

I was looking for a picture of him, and found the two of them. He knew it too, so he even promoted the movie "Social Network."