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Mar 29, 2011 23:49
Lately, some TV commercials are being repeated because of the earthquake. Almost all Japanese companies are refraining from broadcasting their TV commercials and only the non-profit organization’s commercials are on the air. The TV commercials are educational, for example, about volunteering, vaccine recommendation, greetings, and so on.

Some people complain that there are only those commercials, and get bored and irritated.

As for me, I like those kinds of moral things. Here is one of the most impressive ones for me.

If you say, “Shall we hang out?” the other would say “Let’s.”
If you say, “Come on” the other’d say “Come on.”
If you say, “I won’t be with you,” the other’d say “Me, neither.”
Then, you might become sad, and
If you say, “Sorry,” the other’d say, “Sorry, too”
Are those echoes? No, these apply for everyone.

That may be right. There is a coworker who I don’t get along with. He does whatever he likes, but doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to. That seems selfish. The commercial reminds me that I should talk to him with kind words, but I really don’t want to. Every time I watch this commercial, I struggle with a kind of stress.