Everything is stopping

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Mar 15, 2011 23:07
Thank you for praying for our safety, my friends. I feel very sorry for people in the area where the earthquake struck.

In Japan, everything seems to be stopping now. Of course, it’s not everything, but our meeting that was supposed to be held next weekend, pro-football games, new CD release, and so on have been delayed or canceled. I understand why. In Tokyo, power is cut and there is a lot of traffic congestion and a shortage of food. 東京では停電になって交通は麻痺して、お店では食料が品薄状態らしい。

A lot of people and companies have donated in this disaster. I hope more people will be saved and people, who are evacuating or have missed their family and their house, will be encouraged. 一人でも多くの人が助かって、避難している人・家族や家を亡くした人が少しでも元気が出るように祈っています。I know I can’t do anything for them now, so I contributed a little. 少しだけ寄付をしました。

Anyway, I saw news that showed both the Japanese earthquake and the Japanese people’s patience. Even though the damage was terrible, Japanese people are considerate and patient with each other and I’m proud of it. お互いのことを思い励まし合い、勇気づけあい、そんな日本のことを大変誇りにおもいます。
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