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Sep 13, 2010 00:31
Recently transplant laws have been changed, regarding transplantation from a brain-dead doner to a recipient who has damaged organs. For example, until recently, we needed the patient's consent for them to be a donor. In Japan, we don't like to cut people's bodies even after their deaths. Most people don't have an organ donor's card and it's considered that they don't agree to give their organs after brain death. The law was changed, however. We don't need the patient's will anymore if the patient's family agrees that the patient will be a donor.

After the amendment, the number of transplant surgeries increased sharply. Families want the patient to be helpful in society and to be alive somewhere in this world. 患者に社会に役立ってほしいとか、どこかで生きている感覚を残してほしいとか。

Anyways, when laws change, a lot of other things change too. Politicians have a big influence on society, which means they are really powerful. 権力を持っている。Currently, the two top members in the Democratic Party of Japan are battling for a position of prime minister. It seems that they want to be prime minister for themselves, not for the Japanese people.
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