Flu shot, part 2

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Nov 19, 2009 08:21
Today I got papers on my desk, saying if you want to take new type of flu vaccine, fill in with your name in this paper and turn it in. You might remember that I wrote about flu vaccine. I wrote the flu vaccine wasn't so effective, it just hurt, and I didn't want it. I regretted a little about what I wrote. Because I found the paper's attachment saying that seasonal flu vaccine is effective to reduce 70-80% infection rate. Is it that effective? I should've taken it. And now I want to take a new type of flu vaccine, and I applied for it. It seemed for free. So, If there is someone who looked at my diary entry about flu shot and decided not to take it, I feel bad. I'm sorry I changed my mind.

By the way, this is what we were talking about today. Mass medias often bring us that we are running out of the flu vaccine in Japan. And a false doctor, who wants to earn money, could give us a water shot instead of flu vaccine, saying it's true flu shot. Everyone, I'm sorry. It's a bad joke. Nobody is like that. So don't be afraid of seeing a doctor.