Do You Have Anything?

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Jul 7, 2011 17:56
Do you know the meaning of 持っている? It is a popular Japanese saying now. One meaning is, of course, "possess." Like "Do you have a car?"

Lately Japanese people use it to mean serendipity. Like "You're lucky. You have something". It originally came from pro baseball and football players' conversations.

The other day I was talking with my friend who has a little bit of a funny way of thinking. He graduated from Kyoto university, which is the second best in Japan, and became a doctor. But he thinks that he doesn't have anything. You might have noticed from your experience that there are always the ones who are liked by everyone and are not scolded by anyone. If you do the same thing, you might get scolded by someone but they are not. Because they have something. I think that it may be because of confidence, a smile or their pride. Anyway, my friend thinks that people are separated into two groups and everything is decided by which you belong to. It has nothing to do with where you graduated from, how intelligent you are, or how rich you are.

It's interesting and I hope that I have it!
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