Summary of 'Good advices is rarer than Rubies'

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Mar 27, 2010 22:11 help summary good advice is rarer than rubies
I have to present the story 'Good advices is rarer than Rubies' in school.
Could you please check, if this summary is ok?
Thank you very much!

The story ‚Good Advice is rarer than Rubies’ is set in Pakistan, on the compound of the British consulate. It’s about Miss Rehana, who comes to the consulate to get a permission to follow her fiance to England. She is described as very beautiful and self-confident. Because of this, she catches Muhammad Ali’s attention. He is a fraud, who usually ‘sells’ good advices to the ‘Tuesday Women’. But he’s so impressed by Miss Rehana, that he wants to help her for free. So he proofes her papers and offers her a fake passport to avoid the cruel interrogation by the British ‘sahibs’. He tells her, that if she answers one question different than her fiance, she won’t get the permission. But yet she refuses his offers, because she doesn’t want to do something illegal and so justify the bad opinion the British have of the Pakistani.
After the interrogation, Miss Rehana again meets Muhammad Ali. She thanks him for his advice, and so Muhammad believes she succeded. Out of a sudden she tells him about her arranged marriage and the huge age difference between them. Muhammad Ali doesn’t understand. He tries to convience her, that everything will work out, and she soon will love her future husband. Now Miss Rehana clears up, that she didn’t get the permission. On purpose, she answered all the questions wrong. She never wanted to leave Pakistan because she is happy with her life and her job.