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Jan 22, 2012 09:39
Hello, I need to translate my CV in english, but it's much more tricky than I expected. Of course, it must be written in a perfect english and the words used to describe me must reflect the reliability without being "too much", otherwise I'm dead. I hide with *** stuffs you don't need to read :) Please don't hesitate to give me synonyms which fits better !

Computer Scientist Engineer in Numerical Methods

Interest for numerical methods and databases.
Open mind to many fields, eager to learn.
Conscientious, persistent, organized, methodical.
Self-educated, but with a team spirit.
Communication skills, sense of diplomacy.

Computer Scientist Engineer (high distinction) -- University of ***.
Master's thesis : Implementation of a trust region method for industrial diagnostic. Optimization of a nonconvex and nonlinear problem with hyper-dimensional indexing, in the context of galvanization for *company name*.
*school name* High school -- Latine-sciences options.

French : mother tongue.
English : good knowledge.

Employement history.
2011--now : Process Engineer -- *company name*. R&D in partnership with University of ***, in nonconvex nonlinear and integer optimization of steam networks.
2007--2011 : Creator and administrator of *product name*, a webservice dedicated to the flights management of the *city* flight club. Around 25000 lines of code.
2006--2009 : Cashier at *let's say... crossroads :D*, one month every year, during 4 years.

Mathematics, optimization and supercomputing : *list of known stuffs*.
Web : *list of known stuffs*.
Databases : *list of known stuffs*.
Usual computer languages : *list of known stuffs*.
Other : *list of known stuffs*.

Travel : Holder of driving licence of B category, owns a car.
Previous activities : Swimming, tennis, running, bicycle, ping-pong.
Current interests : Nature, movies, music, TV series, manga, card games.