A TV show Called 球辞苑

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Mar 8, 2018 16:13
There’s a TV show I like to watch lately. It’s called 球辞苑, kyuujien. It’s about baseball, but it’s not just about simple baseball thing. It features very obscure baseball topics such as sacrifice fly or home steal every time.

It’s very interesting to me because I can get to know how professional baseball players look at those topics and hear the skills they actually use in games. Usually, ordinary people tend to overlook the things the show feature, but professional people think of them differently. They really think how they can do better and practice over and over again. I think that makes them so successful.

I’m sure it applies to all the precessions. If you wanna be successful in a field you’re in, you have to think hard and practice hard even if it is a small matter. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t air during the baseball season, and the baseball season will start soon. However, it should be fun watching baseball games using the knowledge I learned from the show.


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