The first dialog in english

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Nov 19, 2011 04:31
3 years ago I started to work as a technical support specialist in an international company. Before that I hadn't spoke english with the native speakers, only with teachers or friends. I had a month of training and was seated next to the phone. A couple of phone calls were from russians and I felt pretty confident. The third one was from an australian. They supposed to sleep at that time! But one unlucky lady needed some help. Perhaps, most of the time she is very lucky, but at that very moment Karma (or whatever) played a bad joke on her.

Firstly I discovered, that when you ask one to speak slower, one starts speaking faster. I managed to recognize only several vowels, and concluded that it was not enough for problem investigation. Then I made a great progress recognizing the whole word "pop-up". But it made a slight difference to my situation.

30 minutes left. I was covered with sweat, my mouth was dry and I think, I lost a couple of kilos in weight. And I still had no idea what that poor lady was talking about. On the 35th minute something happened (I swear I heard a click in my brain) and I started to understand some of words, so I was able to get some info and even advise something. I asked a couple of questions and recognized the answers! But the Karma decided that it is enoug misery for the lady and phone call was interrupted on the middle of the ladie's word.

She called again and the call passed to another specialist. I pressed "coffee brake" button on the phone and seated for several minues trying to collect my thoughts. For 2 months I felt bad every time I saw "en" label on the phone's screen, but after that I was happy every time I got that calls.

Sorry for gigabytes of text.