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Jul 8, 2010 01:54

Well... Let's say that she is my pretty little sister.

She loves Hannah Montana and is using lip gloss.
Slap Slap.
What a cute a four years old girl.

"Is that good?"
I asked. And She showed me.


Made a big flower with Alphabet card.
And she jumped into the flower.

tara~!!!(i meant じゃ〜ん!!!how could i write it?)

well... She's a little bit tired for a while.
But, as soon as recovered,
"let's play with this balloon!"
Yah. That smiling balloon was so cute.

After that, she got tired again.

So snack time!
She ate and played with Cheerios.
Actually Cheerios is very good way to improve fingers' mustle.

She's favorite item.
I bought a pink monkey sandal from ¢99shop.
She wear even in a room.

See you later.