One of Typical Boring Days

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Oct 6, 2009 23:02 diary
Today,I supposed to get up at 9:00 because I had to attend some morning lectures.
But actually, I got up at 1:23 pm.
I know I am such a loser.

So I changed my plan,
and went to Shinjuku to repair my watch's belt which I was given by my ex-boyfriend.(maybe I supposed say that I am a loser, again lol)

Today, it is raining which means it makes me feel so depressed.
And what am I doing?
I am watching Facebook comments and playing "Sunshine farm".

I know I have tons of work today,
like studying vocabs and histories for entrance exams.

Someone help me! Give me some energy of something like that.
God, I wish I were an energetic person.