Should children accept it as their duty to take care of their aging parents?

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Sep 10, 2014 16:58
Taking care for the seniors is a serious problems in Japan because my country is one of the fastest aging society in the world and we are still struggling to find the solutions for ongoing aging issues. Some people may believe it is children's duty to take care of their aging parents, but I think it is too dangerous to rely too much on children because supporting them can become serious financial and social burden to their children.

First of all, financial problem of taking care of aging parents is undeniably a serious issue for their children. Many senior are already retired that means they do not have a regular income anymore. Even they have some pension money, once they become ill, medical cost will easily exceed their saving and begin to pressure their children's shoulder who support them. Furthermore, current government health care plan for senior is insufficient. If the aging parents ask for a surgery or use an extended health care, such as a physical therapy or massage therapy, children can not pay for their their skyrocketing medical cost anymore.

Social issue should be regarded seriously among children who take care of aging parents. When their parents developed senile dementia or Alzheimer diseases, it will take a toll for not only a caretaker but also a whole family. These illness are degenerative disease;therefore, the condition might get worsen year by year. Also illness may even change conditions of their brain and some patients change personality to become violent even to their children or family members. Taking care of these people need to be a full-time job so children have to quit their job to look after them.

Nowadays taking care of aging parents by children was too overwhelming for any children due to its economical pressure and social demands. We need urgent social and healthcare reforms in the government to build a sustainable and affordable support networks for seniors.