The pleasure of traveling is learning new experience

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Sep 19, 2014 18:42
To begin with, the pleasure of traveling will be learning about foreign culture. For instance, visiting Bishop Museum in Hawaii was an eye opening experience for me because I did not know anything about Hawaiian history and traditional Polynesian culture there. Another entertaining experience of traveling may be encountering flavourful local cuisine. Since I visited Mexico, I became a big fan of Mexican cuisine. Mexican food is a fusion of Aztec and European cuisine, consisting of fresh herbs, beans, chilli peppers, and various vegetables and tropical fruits. What I like most about this cuisine was it symbolizes cultural heritage of Mexico. Lastly, an exciting journey may give you an unexpected discovery. Surprisingly, while I was viewing historical exhibits and Polynesian artifacts at the Hawaiian museum, I found some similarities among Polynesian culture and indigenous culture in B.C. It was mysterious and exciting to imagine the roots of these cultures. In conclusion, Traveling may give you unique experience and it can be a journey of lifetime if you are lucky.

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