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Feb 5, 2015 12:41
This text below is I wrote in my blog, I tried to explain my paintings.


The first painting from the bottom is I had painted in Pokhara, Nepal in 2003, there are the figures like bird encircle in the center. I got the idea the summer in 2000, then three years later I was traveling in Nepal and saw the thanka-buddhism painting and thought that if I could paint that vision in that way.

The middle and the top painting are the same designs with watercolor, the original design was made in 2000 as well. The vision in 2000 was triggered for creation then it continued to thanka painting in 2003, and the watercolors later. I again started painting as I like since long time. Before that I had the exam for art university, so I shifted to train sketching and architectural drawing then I hadn't painted as I like for about ten years.