Educated the Memoir and Far From the Tree

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Jul 31, 2019 22:52
Recently, I've read two books : Educated the Memoir and Far From the Tree, which were just picked randomly from the book list recommended by my friends. The first one describe the author's experiences from grown up in a junkyard and never got to school but eventually got in college, when she were 17, and finally obtain a Phd in Cambridge, which I think is very amazing. The second, the author conduct his researches on a variety of family who faced extraordinary situation on their children, for example parents who have to raise a deaf son, parents raises the Downs, dwarf, autism, transgender child ... or even prodigies. The content is very heavy and I recommend it to all of you because this book can tell you what these extraordinary family need to face and make you become more sympathetic.
These are two very different book but I found some reminiscence of the subjects of the books to each other. Tara, the author of Educated, is extraordinary to her parent since she accept a different path from the expectation of her parents and they've become unacceptable to each other. They still love each other but they'd better be segregated or they would hurt each other. ( This kind of complicated situation won't be realized until one read the book. ) That's the subject we can find in the second book, because she is the apple that falls very far from the tree. And, in Far From the Tree, there're so many kind of love we can find in each chapter of families, some of that even makes me sad or delightful or admired...
So whether you read just one of these, or you read them all, I hope you find something you feel helpful.