“Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita” (Mankind Has Declined)

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Sep 21, 2012 23:42 人類は衰退しました 妖精さん fairy mankind
Almost all animated series that started in July have finished airing.

I have watched many animated series in this summer, though they were occasionally suspended due to the London Olympic games.

I had been absolutely indifferent about the animated series “Jinrui ha Suitai Shimashita,” before it started.

The animation was produced by AIC, which is an obscure subsidiary company of the software manufacturer, GAIA Holdings.

However, after seeing the first episode, I looked forward to seeing the second ardently.

It is originally a light novel, written by Romeo Tanaka, which contains black humor and social satire.

The population of mankind had sharply decreased.

We became sterile, felt a loss of energy and was gradually replaced by a new kind of creature, which are called ”Fairies,” who have playful spirits and a supernatural civilization.

The story describes strange accidents happening in transition from mankind to fairies.

There are several causes why the animated series with no hype became a smash hit.

The first is the author’s idea that the story is not only science fiction but also a fairy tale, although a future is depicted .

The second is the replacement of the illustrator long after it was announced that they were going to animate the light novel.

An illustrator is essential for a light novel because he/she illustrates the book and makes character designs when it is going to animate.

The former illustrator, Toru Yamasaki, had many disagreements with the animation production, and they broke up.

That is why Sunaho Tobe was suddenly picked as the new illustrator just before they would start making the animation.

However, trouble is only opportunity in disguise.

The latter was short on time, so the picture was very simple but still appealed greatly to those who watched the animation. (See the leftmost picture.)

The former's character design of the fairy was like a little person. (See the rightmost.)

The latter replaced it keeping its mouth so widely open that we could tell that the fairy is not a human but a new breed like a puppet. (See the center.)

Moreover, the opening theme song was so lively that some people got addicted to it, while the ending theme so very gentle but decadent that other people liked it.

Here is the video of the opening theme.

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I think that it is the best danceable theme song of the year.

Next is the video of the ending theme.

It is an excellent example that such works as the illustration, animation and theme songs were very expedient but cooperated each other in order to make this series into a sleeper hit.

Incidentally, the way that two kinds are in conflict exhibits a relationship similar to Neanderthal man without art and Cro-Magnon man with art.


Here is a throw-in with an English subtitle.