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Jan 13, 2009 06:50
Hello friends and teachers!
I joined Lang-8 on July 13th and since then I have been helped by your kind corrections and comments.
January 13th is a kind of anniversary day for me, because about six months have passed since I joined this wonderful website.

Now I read my past posts and I recognized again that I could write so many entries by your kind cooperation and comments.

Since I have to make breakfast now, I will show you my titles from my old post. I guess there are about 300 entries all together.

Today, let me show you from July 13th to October 18th, 123 entries all together.


My past entries
1. July 13th I want to have many friends
2. July 15th I went to the beach
3. July 17th Part time job
4. July 22nd It was Marine Day yesterday
5. July 23rd We want rainy days
6. Julu 25th Earthquakes and Japan
7. July 28th Rain! Rain! Rain!
8. Aug. 4th It has been hot in Japan
9. Aug.7th Hot August
10.Aug.7th Internet Cafe
11.Aug.9th Olympic Games in China
12.Aug.11th Trip to Hokkaido
13.Aug.13th Hamayaki
14.Aug.13th A glass of beer in the morning
15.Aug.13th Now I've come back to the hotel
16.Aug.14th I had a very good time in Hokkaido
17.Aug.15th Only 30 minutes' tea break
18.Aug.15th I love English
19.Aug.16th I like Saturday
20.Aug.16th Freestyle 48kg Women Wrestling
21.Aug.17th I like this peaceful battle!
22.Aug.18th I hate Monday
23.Aug.19th Lang-8 is my English School
24.Aug.19th Lunch Time!
25.Aug.19th My question
26.Aug.20th I miss summer break
27.Aug.21st USA vs Japan
28.Aug.21st MSN
29.Aug.21st Softball Gold Medal Game
30.Aug.22nd It became cool a bit these days
31.Aug.23rd Fireworks
32.Aug.24th First Rainy Sunday in August
33.Aug.24th It was cool today.
34.Aug.25th オリンピックの閉会式
35.Aug.25th Convenience stores in Japan is convenient!
36.Aug.26th How do you like Japanese Omochi?
37.Aug.27th This is my breakfast this morning.
38.Aug.27th Coffee Break
39.Aug.28th McDonal's in Japan
40.Aug.28th Pandaful Life
41.Aug.28th Aother Step
42.Aug.29th Tongue Twisters
43.Aug.29th Extraordinary climate in Japan
44.Aug.30th I'm wide awake at 5:10AM
45.Aug.31st I miss my summer break
46.Aug.31st Busy Sunday
47.Sep.1st American Folk Songs sung in Japan
48.Sep.1st We Japanese are always in danger!
49.Sep.2nd Japanese like to make memorial days?!?
50.Sep.2nd Question on English
51.Sep.3rd It's September now...but I enjoyed "March"!
52.Sep.4th Stars And Stripes Forever
53.Sep.5th Beautiful Dreamer
54.Sep.5th Post in English and Chinese
55.Sep.6th First Weekend in September
56.Sep.7th I've come back from Kyoto
57.Sep.8th A Kitty
58.Sep.9th I wonder whether I helped the girl from Australia?
59.Sep.10th My Internet Life these days
60.Sep.10th What should I call them?
61.Sep.11th I still remember 9.11 !
62.Sep.11th Coffee Break!
63.Sep.12th Questions about "movie-movies" and "tag questions"
64.Sep.12th Lang-8 has renewed today.
65.Sep.12th Strange signs or ads in Japan
66.Sep.13th Little by Little
67.Sep.13th I like this renewed website...but
68.Sep.14th I'll buy a new computer today
69.Sep.15th It is a National Holiday today
70.Sep.15th First post by MacBook
71.Sep.16th Sweet potatoes will make you break wind
72.Sep.16th Strange Coins in Japan
73.Sep.17th Japanese surname ranking
74.Sep.17th Typhoon No.13 is coming
75.Sep.18th I'm in the college library
76.Sep.18th On the train
77.Sep.19th I'm pretty glad now.
78.Sep.20th A post from Starbucks!
79.Sep.20th How could I say?
80.Sep.21st First journal in Chinese.你好。好嗎?
81.Sep.21st OHIGAN
82.Sep.21st I like classical Japanese and Chinese
83.Sep.22nd I'll enjoy my holiday with someone I love
84.Sep.23rd My trip to TDL
85.Sep.24th Our 92nd Prime Minister, Taro Aso
86.Sep.25th Lunch Time! Yay!(1)
87.Sep.26th Lunch Time! Yay!(2)
88.Sep.26th 冷麺、冷やし中華 in Japan
89.Sep.27th 丼 (DONBURI IN JAPAN)
90.Sep.28th Nice Movie!!!
91.Sep.29th Typhoon No.15 is coming again
92.Sep.30th September 30th
93.Oct.1st October is the 10th month?
94.Oct.2nd My Favorite Songs
95.Oct.2nd How do you like Japanese pronounciation in English?
96.Oct.3rd Elly My Love
97.Oct.3rd Birds of a feather flock together
98.Oct.4th When in Rome, do as the Romans do
99.Oct.4th History of mobile phones
100.Oct.5th Crazy King (バカ殿様)
101.Oct.6th Songs All Over The World
102.Oct.7th My No.18 at Karaoke
103.Oct.7th To be, or not to be...(coffee break)
104.Oct.7th Coffee Break Via School Library!
105.Oct.7th Nobel Prize in Physics
106.Oct.8th Great Minds Think Alike
107.Oct.8th List of Nobel laureates by country
108.Oct.9th Another good news and bad news from Japan
109.Oct.10th How do you like Japanese green tea?
110.Oct.10th Have you ever been on the airplanes?
111.Oct.11th Health and Sports Day
112.Oct.12th Many dialects in Japan
113.Oct.12th Funny teachers!
114.Oct.13th 李白
115.Oct.13th It was Health and Sports Day today
116.Oct.14th It was a rainy day today
117.Oct.15th Coco Ichiban
118.Oct.16th Japanese Super Girl
119.Oct.16th Do you know "Tera-meshi"?
120.Oct.16th 大學図書館 (Chinese)
121.Oct.17th Japanese Spidermen were found
122.Oct.18th 100 people...
123.Oct.18th About Three Month

Thank you so much for your kind cooperation, friends and teachers!
You have raised me up than more than I could be!

Rose @>----->------------------ WITH LOVE