Can you sleep here? (559)

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May 12, 2009 05:32
Hello friends and teachers on Lang-8!
How are you? I'm not bad and I'm always an early bird.

Yesterday, one of my college friends told me about her stay in Tokyo.
She went to TDL (Tokyo Disney Land) last weekend and she stayed in a cheapest hotel called "capsule hotel" in Tokyo.
Actually I have ever stayed the hotel only once in my life, when I was 11 years old, and I still remember the day as if I was in a space ship.
I also went to TDL with some of my friends during my summer break and we were not able to reserve a standard hotel in Tokyo, plus we wanted to spend more money for souvenirs. That's why we stayed there.
Can you sleep in this hotel, by the way?

What is the "capsule hotel"?

Cheapest Hotel in Asakusa (3.000 yen!)


I always introduce you good hotels or inns in Japan, but today I introduced you our odd hotels.
Do you want to be like a bee? hahaha
Do you have similar hotels or inns in your country?

Rose @>---->---------- who is going to make breakfast now (^____^)