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About me

I started learning Japanese when I was 6 years old in school. It was my 2nd language. It's not a very common foreign language to learn in school so when I changed elementary schools I was not able to keep up with learning Japanese. Now that I am an adult I regret never becoming fluent in Japanese so I'm making a huge effort now to become fluent.

It is a goal of mine to become fluent in all languages I've ever started which are Japanese, French, and Spanish. French is my 3rd language. I started learning French in school at the age of 12 and I picked up on it pretty well. Unfortunately you lose what you don't use and through inactivity I've now lost most of what I've learned. I'm making life changes now so that languages and the cultures of other countries are in my every day life so that I will always remain fluent in many languages.

Other Languages -
Other languages I would love to become fluent in (after I learn French and Japanese) are Korean, Spanish, and Russian.

My Hobbies -
photography, drawing, fashion, comic books, manga, and creative writing (and loads more!)