North Advantage

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Nov 10, 2009 19:43
I have been in my native city in the end of October. It’s situated in the North behind Polar circle. At present time many people in the world are interested in the North. I had seen the polar light many - many times in my life. Polar day is more wonderful, but I didn’t have the possibility to be here in summer for two years.
There were interesting social changes in the Russian North. The northerner earlier has had high social status because earned a lot of money. Today the level income doesn’t depend from the area so hard. The North advantage is not so clear. The people appreciate the climate and the ecology, too. The northerner is yet not so respectful and happy man.
Fortunately, North life continues. I often go there. I have had a lot of deals this trip. The most important was that I have applied new project. I could see my friends.
I’m feeling my life consists of different parts. Now I’m having the piece which will end in middle December.