Traveling in the US Vol.7

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Feb 18, 2019 09:41
I went to a Greyhound bus stop in Las Vegas.

I could not find the bus stop soon because its look was not the same as I expected. I expected tidy, neat bus stop. However, it was tiny, dirty, smelly bus stop. There was only a sign pole shown "Greyhound bus". There was no bench and no shade. I had to wait a bus on the road. There were several people waiting for something the same as me. They looked like a bit poverty, or drunk.

I started to be anxious whether I was waiting at correct location. But, Greyhound bus neatly came at the bus stop.

According to my plan, it would take 48 hours from Las Vegas to Buffalo and I had to transfer buses twice. I did not have any plan to stop by somewhere under the way, but I would get off anywhere if I find to visit.

In the end, I did not stop by anywhere and I took buses for 48 hours. I could not find lovely place to visit. I only found vast farm, farm and farm. I was surprised such extensive American land.