My another work :)

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Mar 10, 2013 14:30
My another work :)
I decorated these baskets with fabrics, ribbons and beads. After that, I place there berries and fruit. For small berries I have done straw pokets, that it doesn't spread in the basket :) At the end of the decoration, I added a poatcard and artificial baterfly :)
There were 60 baskets!!! They were also as present for women, on the occasion of international women's day on 8-th of March. (I don't know exatly, what countries has such holiday)

To je ma druhá práce :)
Jsem zdobrila koš s látkou, stuhy a korálky. Pak tam roztříla bobule a ovoce. Také jsem udělala slaměný obálku pro berry. Na konci jsem přidala pohlednice a motýla na koš.