The part time job

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Dec 11, 2011 20:28
Today, I went to the part time job as usual which I do three times one week. My part time job is working as a waitress at a Italian restaurant in Japan.
The master suzuki is a very good man and he never scold me even when I made mistakes. He just tell me like:'can you do it like this next time?' And then one day I told him my sad and unfortunate story ,he become more and more lenient to me. Maybe he realized that studying abroad by oneself is so difficult. There is also a warm-heart lady who always give me tips on sunday morning when she come to eat here. She said that I am working so hard and she is moved by me, so she want to help me.
I never planed to use my story to seek their sympathy .But the kindhearted people encourage and help me so much! Although there is lots of 'sad story' happend in this country, I decide to forget them all because it isn't worth remembering . Instead, the kindhearted people will be my perpetual memory and I will try my best to study,work and grow up. The day to pay a debt of gratitude to them won't be faraway.