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Dec 8, 2011 22:27
Yestoday I went to the English coffee with my friend hirose.I haven't been studing English for more than 4years,so I almost forget all of the words and grammer which I learn before.That is very terrible!Then I told the teacher 'I can't speak English well.Can I just listen to you?'
However, My friend hirose is good at English and she can speak English smoothly .How cool she is!
The reason why I restart to study my poor English is that I really realised the importance of English recently.Wnat's more ,I'm worrying about my future. what should I do if I can't find a job?English is a essential tool for a lot of jobs,especially the international communication.
Although it will take long time to recall my English memory ,but just as a saying gose'practise make perfect'.If I keep on studying everyday ,I will see my progress soonner or later.

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