A Fox Called Gon Act Two Summary

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Dec 29, 2015 14:08
A Fox Called Gon Act Two Summary

Hojyu lifted up the fishing net. There were brushwood roots, grass leaves, rotten chips, and some junk. What caught Gon's eyes were a wriggly white fish, an eel and a large carp.
Hojyu came up with an idea. He thought that he could play tricks on the creel. Gon reached into it and throw the fish one by one into the river. At last an eel was left. Gon said, "it's time to throw an eel out back in the river. Come on, you little devil."
The moment Gon was touching the eel, the eel was so slippery. So it was difficult for Gon to catch it. Finally Gon bit it's head, but the eel fought back and wrapped itself around Gon's neck.
At that moment, Hyojyu came back and said "You thief. Stay out where you are!"
Before running away, Gon had to get the eel off his neck, however it didn't move. Gon finally leap into the tall grass and run for his life.
Near Gon's hole, he bit the head of the eel and yanked it off his neck. He put it outside his hole.
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