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Aug 29, 2009 08:12
狡猾な弟さんがいらっしゃいますか。私は弟が三人いて、みんな「smooth talker」という人なんですよ。まじめな顔でうそをつきます。普通は、小さいなうそです。たとえば、弟が「化学のププロジェクットをリサーチしている」と言っても、パソコンでゲームをやること。でも、たまにもっと大きなうそです。二番目の弟は、こういううそをついたことが多くありますよ。


みんなびっくりしました。 「ええ? 本当に?」

「うん! 清掃員が僕を乗らせたよ!」笑顔で言いました。



I thought he was brave, asking for something like that. 最近、友達に「弟がかっこいいよ。小学生のとき、清掃員に「乗らせて」と聞いて、清掃車で帰ったよ!」と言いながら、弟がきゅうに笑ってきました。



Do you have a sly brother? I have three brothers, and all of them are smooth-talkers. They'll lie to you with a straight face. Usually, it's a small lie; for example, my youngest brother will say he's researching a science project, and instead he plays a game on the laptop. But sometimes it's a big lie. My second youngest brother often tells such lies.

When my brother was still in elementary school, he came home beaming, saying "I got to ride a garbage truck! I got to ride a garbage truck!"

Everyone was surprised. "What? Really?"

"Yeah! The trash man let me ride it!" He said all of this with a giant smile.

"But how?"

"I just asked! 'Can you let me ride to my house?' It was so fun! I wanna be a trash man too!"

Recently, I was telling my friend how cool my brother is, because he told the garbage man "give me a ride" and rode the garbage truck home. My brother suddenly started to laugh.

"That was a lie!"

And I call him my favourite brother... I thought he was cool!