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Aug 6, 2011 09:59
I heard PONPONPON by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu a while ago... It's still stuck in my head. I thought I might try to translate it, but there were some parts I wanted to double check... I wonder if you could help me. They might be stupid questions, so I apologize in advance, ha ha.


My questions are:

1)In this stanza: 

PONPON 出して しまえばいいの
ぜんぜん しないの つまらないでしょ
ヘッドフォンかけて リズムに乗せて
WAYWAY空けて あたしの道を

does ぜんぜんしないの mean "(the act of) not doing anything", or does it mean "(the act of) not letting it out"?


And, to make sure, あたし is the one who puts on headphones, opens her own way, etc... or is that incorrect?


2)In this stanza:

PONPON 進む 色々なこと
どんどん キテる? あなたのキモチ
POIPOI 捨てる悪い子はだれ?
そうそう いいコ ああ
You Make Me Happy

am I correct to parse it into PONPON進む色々なことどんどんキテる? and then, あなたの気持ち(を)POIPOI捨てる悪い子はだれ?


3)In this stanza:

Every Day PON
Every Time is PON
メリーゴーランド のりたいの
Every Day PON
Every Time is PON
たぶん そんなんじゃ ダメでしょ

what is ダメ? I think she means she won't be able to ride the merry-go-round, but is it actually the fact that "Every Day PON, Every Time is PON" that is ダメ?

・・・という連で、何がダメですか?メリーゴーランドたぶん乗れないからダメという意味だろうと思っていますけど、むしろ「Every Day PON, Every Time is PON"ということはダメなのでしょうか・・・?

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