The Clever Son :-)

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Sep 13, 2009 18:31

One morning a man asked his old father to go out with him. His little son wanted to go with them, but his mother did not want him to go. Finally he had his own way and went along, too. After travelling for some time, they came to a graveyard. They stopped in front of it. The man told his father and son, " You wait here for me. I will be back soo. " He then went to a secluded spot in the graveyard and started to dig.....His son got tired of waiting and went to look for him. He found his father digging a hole. " what are you doin, dad? " he asked. ......." I'm digging a grave for your grandfather. " replied his father. ...." For grandfather? the little boy exclamied. " But he's not dead yet!"...."Yes, I know, " his father answered. " but he is too old and useless now. He can no longer do any work around the house. Anyway, he doesn't have long to live, so your mother and I felt it would be okey to bury him right away." The son listened to his father and then asked him for his spade. He began to dig. He told his father, " When you become old, I will just bring you here and push you in. " The father then realized what a bad example he was setting for his son. He took his own father back home and lovingly took care of him until the old man finally passed away.

My dear friend, what do you think about this story???
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