In future

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Oct 2, 2009 00:16
Today, I read some books about careers.
I have already had a couple of my dreams, but sometimes I think about my future seriously.
Nowadays, women have a lot of choices to do.
I want to keep working and gather experiences always to expand myself, but also I want to be a good wife and someday I want to have a baby...I have many of the things I want to do.
Time flies....

I realized one thing that I don't like a Japanese manner which thinks much of relationships between superior and inferior. Sometimes it is too much...I cannot understand.
I know it is important for us juniors to venerate seniors to make harmony.But I like the relationships such as people respect each other anytime.Because everyone has good points and bad points.

So I thought I want to keep working in foreign company from now on as well.I don't have to think about the hierarchal relationships too much and
also it is very interesting and exciting for me to learn English and other cultures.

Good night!!
Sincerely, Mimi